We sue bad guys.

Why We Do What We Do

If you or a loved-one have been a victim of a violent crime such as a sexual assault, child pornography, homicide, or drunk driving, at a minimum you deserve respect and justice. Even if the crime occurred years ago, our clients often obtain a financial recovery paid by their offender or the offender's employer or insurance company.

Why Barton Law Firm

As a record-setting District Attorney for the State of Texas, I have vast experience in the inner workings of prosecuting bad guys. I have taken this knowledge to provide my clients expert representation that comes only from years of being behind-the-scene.

218 Year Sentence for Child Molester
$9,622,263.07 To Client in Sexual Assault

You are not alone. We’ve stood alongside more than 1,000 victims—fighting back, helping overcome fear and intimidation.