About Our Firm

Amos Barton

Amos L. Barton, JD devotes his practice to the representation of crime victims in civil suits against their perpetrators. As a former elected state District Attorney, Mr. Barton led the charge prosecuting violent felons, complex organized crime, child molesters, online predators, cold-cases and murderers.  Notable civil and criminal results include: 80 consecutive life sentences in the prosecution of a child molester, 297 years in prison in the prosecution a child molester, $5,160,000 for a family in a drunk-driving death case, and $9,622,263.07 for a child victim of sexual assault. Amos balances his life between his trial practice and his wife Courtney and their three teenagers. Amos is a committed member of his local church, a bank director, an outdoor sportsman, a pilot, and an Ironman Triathlete.